New construction roofing differs greatly from renovations or roof repairs. When you are faced with a new construction and need to now plan the roofing system that will go with your new development, having a reliable and experienced roofing professional can save a significant amount of time and money.

New Roof Process

Our strict and diligent new roof process is just like any other project we start except we invest much more time in the Planning & Design stages since new construction roof projects entail much more initial planning and strategy than say a renovation of an existing roof. We invest the time and energy necessary in to all details of your project to ensure the results of your new construction meet or exceed your expectations.

We begin the process with a detailed inspection of the entire building envelope. Our goal is to define and analyze the planned roof system and type which includes the deck, expected insulation, and of course which type membrane. Finally, we evaluate the conditions of which the new roof system will be expected to endure in order to develop a customized and efficient roof solution. With a variety of roof systems in our inventory, we are able to customize your roof solution to your specific needs.

Our talented and expert team of roofing specialists will analyze the findings of the inspection process as well as the conditions of the newly planned roof system. This will help our design team develop a roofing system that is sure to meet all your performance, insulation, wind, and slope requirements. With all this information in mind, we then recommend the most efficient and long lasting roof system to deliver the best quality and value for your budget.

Once we have aggregated all your project details and any data we would need, we then move forward with the cost analysis and proposal phase. Our in-house expert roofing team will then work to provide you with a professional and easy to understand proposal covering all project details including cost, timeline, approach, roof system details, long term effects on energy bills and repairs, and of course our company information.

Once you, the client, have reviewed our proposal and approved the project, our field team will then move forward with execution. Our goal is always to bring safety, efficiency, and the best possible results to your project. Our project managers work closely with the building owners and management to provide minimal disruption to operations as well as quality workmanship through out the duration of the project. Our crews always keep your job site clean and organized so our work never disrupts the work of others also present on the job site.

Once the project is complete and all your requirements have been met, we will then meet with all relevant parties including the client to perform a final inspection of the completed work and to answer any work related questions. Any final adjustments are reviewed during this phase and are completed if necessary.


Are you planning to building a new house, building, office space, warehouse or retail facility? How about building and extension to your existing property? Regardless of what you are planning, Seamless Roofing is your best choice for your new construction roofing needs in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and surrounding areas.

We also service most of South and Central Florida. We provide valuable solutions through informative interactions with our customers to design new roofing systems that work for your purposes. Every roof has its own unique needs. The one you choose will depend on the climate, your budget, your line or work and your personal style.