Seamless Roofers is not only the best choice for your residential roofing project, we are also New York & New Jersey’s most trusted roofing experts.  We know how important your home is and we understand that inside those walls are a lifetime of memories that must be protected. Your roof is the first line of defense in protecting your home and everything it holds against any possible weather or natural elements.


Whether it is a residential or commercial roofing system, the process is always based on proper planning, testing, and strict installation by manufacturer guidelines. It can be complex and must be designed to meet the needs of the owner, building code, building location, and structure. That is why we maintain a strict planning, inspection, & installation process.

We begin the process with a detailed inspection of the entire building envelope. Our goal is to define and analyze the existing roof”s deck, current insulation, and of course the membrane. Finally, we evaluate the current condition of the entire roof installation to develop a customized and efficient roof solution. With a variety of roof systems in our inventory, we are able to customize your roof solution to your specific needs.

Our talented and expert team of roofing specialists will analyze the findings of the inspection process as well as the conditions of the current roof system. This will help our design team develop a roofing system that is sure to meet all your performance, insulation, wind, and slope requirements. With all this information in mind, we then recommend the most efficient and long lasting roof system to deliver the best quality and value for your budget.

Once we have aggregated all your project details and any data we would need, we then move forward with the cost analysis and proposal phase. Our in-house expert roofing team will then work to provide you with a professional and easy to understand proposal covering all project details including cost, timeline, approach, roof system details, long term effects on energy bills and repairs, and of course our company information.

Once you, the client, have reviewed our proposal and approved the project, our field team will then move forward with execution. Our goal is always to bring safety, efficiency, and the best possible results to your project. Our project managers work closely with the building owners and management to provide minimal disruption to operations as well as quality workmanship through out the duration of the project.

Once the project is complete and all your requirements have been met, we will then meet with all relevant parties including the client to perform a final inspection of the completed work and to answer any work related questions. Any final adjustments are reviewed during this phase and are completed if necessary.


Residential roofing can be very simple if you choose the right roofing company. Whether it is a new construction or you are considering a replacement for your existing roof system, we at Seamless Roofers can give you a variety of systems and approaches to choose from. Many home owners are not aware of the innovative and cost efficient roofing systems available to them today. So we make it our mission to inform each client of all their roofing options based on their property type, sun exposure, and the existing roof system if any.

There are many benefits to understanding which roof systems are suitable for your property and how they can affect your long term spending. Did you know that  you can decrease your energy costs just by choosing a roof system the reflects over 80% of harmful UV rays? The effects your roof system can have on your energy usage, wind resistance, and most importantly risk of damage are very significant. GACO roof systems for example offer home owners an alternative to replacing their existing roofing.

Instead of replacing  your roof, re-cover it. Our innovative roof coating systems allow you protection from leaks, UV rays, and long term damage. Whether you have a flat roof or a low-sloped roof, white roof coating systems offer long lasting waterproofing and energy benefits.